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Temat: Family and children in Poland
... it is. I understand it. What I'm asking is: Is Poland a good choice for me and my family? I consider it from a point of view of someone who is...

Temat: Peru: Microsoft kontra open source
the public sector, the reasoning is not the same: as we have already established, the state archives, handles, and transmits information which does not belong to it, but which is entrusted ... suitable for use in the public sector. - - - oczywi¶cie s± i kawa³ki zabawne, jak np. - - - In addition, a reading of your opinion would lead to the conclusion that the State market is crucial and essential for the proprietary software industry, to such a point that the choice made by the State in this bill would completely eliminate...

Temat: Ilu Polakow FAKTYCZNIE pracuje w UK
... is to consider why people are leaving. Low pay in the public sector is one reason; rigid or corrupt institutions may be another. Revealingly, many central Europeans say they are especially...

Temat: Szkolenie w Bratysławie.
... participants have the opportunity to work hands-on alongside case-owners and apply the content of core-course materials. Participants are given the choice of working on evaluation/impact assessment case-studies focusing on international and...

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